Why Blockchain Matters for ECM

Laying the Foundation for Your Digital Transformation


Intelligent Information Management
Laying the Foundation for Your Digital Transformation

In a world of growing data, technologies, and platforms, the need to have authentic and verifiable information is growing.

The ecosystem of partners and technologies is expanding and once separate & distinct industries and companies are helping to knock down barriers to information sharing.

Through the use of blockchain, enterprise content management (ECM) players stand to set the tone for how key business-critical documents, records, and transactions are stored, verified, and shared between key parties to help ensure the information and parties involved are trustworthy.

ECM is rooted in “digital records + transactions” and Xerox DocuShare through our latest SaaS-based DocuShare Flex platform is experimenting with offering Digital Document Vaults leveraging the power of blockchain to help our customers maintain their information authenticity.

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