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Attend on-line or live events to explore how DocuShare can drive your digital roadmap.

Want to learn about ECM, or are you new to DocuShare and interested in exploring its capabilities? Our informational webinars will provide you with an introduction to DocuShare solutions and features, and ways to maximize the ROI and organizational benefits they can deliver.

On-demand webinars

cloud-transferContent Management Made Easy
An Introduction to Xerox® DocuShare® Flex

DocuShare Flex is the newest software as a service (SaaS) content management offering from Xerox, aimed at helping companies effectively manage and collaborate on content and automate business processes through an intuitive user experience. With DocuShare Flex, the latest web technologies are joined with a refreshed interface that makes the complex simple. DocuShare Flex includes many of the same powerful features you may be familiar with from DocuShare, with new flexibility to integrate with business applications.

View an on-demand webinar to see how DocuShare Flex can offer new options for creating automated solutions, and also work with our latest Xerox ConnectKey® MFP devices to streamline and transform how employees work.

Streamline Your Invoice Processing

Invoice processing in many industries remains inefficient, costly and error-prone. At the heart of the problem is the high volume of paper and other non-EDI invoices that companies receive.

Join us for a webinar hosted by Xerox Corporation and ABBYY, Inc. that will show:

  • The hidden costs of traditional invoice processing
  • Four ways that intelligent data capture optimizes invoice processing
  • How automated approval can cut processes from weeks to hours
  • Why companies should capture invoices at the point they enter an organization
  • Results for organizations that deploy an automated, end-to-end Accounts Payable solution

Upcoming Events

DocuShare European Partner Form
May 17-18
Xerox Research Centre of Europe
Grenoble, France
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