Tour of DocuShare Flex

A tour of features that will help you to manage content, information and daily tasks.




Take a short DocuShare Flex video tour.

See how our new DocuShare cloud-based SaaS application can help your small business or enterprise department “flex” its new workflow automation muscles.

A preview: Flex makes your business more efficient.


Finding content has never been easier. DocuShare Flex searches the content of documents and the properties assigned to documents.

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Email documents from DocuShare Flex to share content with others, with just a couple clicks. You can send the actual document, a link to it or a compressed archive.

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Add Content

Adding content to DocuShare Flex is simple. In a single “Files” area, you add folders and then drag and drop documents to your folders, adding metadata if you wish.

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Need to make changes to a document or create a new version? Use “Checkout” to lock and then edit your document. When you’re done, simply upload the revised document as a new version.

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Manage Tasks

Flex makes it easy to keep your tasks on track. All of your assigned tasks are available in one view, by clicking My Tasks. Click a task to open it and then review, approve or reject.

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Annotate and Redact

Add annotations such as comments and highlights, and hide sensitive information quickly and easily without changing the original document. At any time you can make the changes permanent, which saves the document as a new version.

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Capture documents from many sources to the cloud, with simple, integrated OCR, viewing, annotation and classification – letting you do quick digitization directly into office workflows.

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Accounts Payable

Streamline Invoice Processing and Payments with Accounts Payable Automation in the Cloud

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Create completely paperless processes for common business activities such as requests and approvals, purchase orders, onboarding and submitting applications

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…and if you would like to experience a more comprehensive demonstration of Xerox DocuShare Flex, this six-part walk-through will explore several key capabilities in more detail.


Xerox DocuShare Flex –
A Quick Walk-through

    • Part 1 - The Flex Interface
    • Part 2 - Search, Bookmarks, Clipboard, Trash
    • Part 3 - Add Documents, Manage Tasks, My Tasks
    • Part 4 - Document Viewer
    • Part 5 - Annotate & Redact Content, Classify Documents
    • Part 6 - Related Documents, Document Routing
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