Policies and Procedures

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Policies and Procedures

It’s critical that employees acknowledge they understand your company’s policies and procedures. Not just to improve their own knowledge, but also to prove your company complies with industry regulations. This is especially important in case of an audit.

With our Workflow Automation Solution for Policies and Procedures Administration, you can efficiently create, distribute and track employee acknowledgement. At the same time, you’ll reduce associated administrative tasks. A centralized platform not only reduces liability by holding all employees accountable, but also improves overall employee productivity by eliminating manual, paper-based processes.

An easy-to-use interface helps your HR staff:

  • Quickly send links to policies via email notifications to the entire workforce or specific groups.
  • Make policy revisions and instantly notify all affected employees, accelerating distribution.
  • Support HR compliance initiatives through employee acknowledgements of policies and procedures.
  • Improve employee access to crucial information.
  • Easily notify individuals of noncompliance and resolve any issues prior to an external audit.

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Managing policies in healthcare

Assure that clinical documents like HIPAA guidelines an nursing manuals are always up to date.
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