HR Onboarding

Manage onboarding of new employees with speed and accuracy to support employee satisfaction and staff retention.  An onboarding solution stores all documents in a secure ECM system, while also making them available directly from your HR applications.

HR Onboarding

Give human resources (HR) personnel the information management tools they need to better manage the employee onboarding process and provide new employees with as smooth a transition as possible.

Through automation, increased visibility and centralized information management, the Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for HR Onboarding provides a holistic view in a single location. This enables HR staff to track the entire employee onboarding process and monitor tasks across departments.

The Xerox Workflow Automation Solution for HR Onboarding enables you to:

  • Reduce employee onboarding processing time
  • Increase new employee satisfaction levels
  • Reduce overall employee processing costs
  • Gain greater oversight and control during the employee onboarding process
  • Reduce manual human errors
  • Gain visibility into employee onboarding status across the organization

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